A Country Western looks forward to 'Life on the Lawn' 7 March 2024

A Country Western are back with their first full length since 2021's Birdfeeder. The Philadelphia band's latest record, Life on the Lawn, showcases their evolution with a blend of louder guitars, playful feedback, and centered vocals, interwoven with sparser moments that have long captivated their audience. Their thematic exploration delves into pressing issues like environmental destruction, capitalism, navigating a hyper-digital society, self-realization, loss, and even the enigmatic world of birds.

Folks have already had nice things to say about their single "The Dreamer" which is streaming now!

"A Country Western’s new album Life On The Lawn drops at the end of this month. They recorded it in their South Philadelphia practice space last summer, and today they’re previewing it today with 'The Dreamer.' Power-pop is in the Bandcamp tags for a reason; this is the kind of punchy, poppy post-grunge track I’d expect to encounter on MTV in 1996, and I mean that as a compliment." - Stereogum

"There’s a significant mood shift on Life on the Lawn; A Country Western sound clean. As the shoegaze bubble continues to expand and mutate, the band embrace a more textbook indie rock style and The Dreamer is Life on the Lawn’s leading example. The first single is as rollicking as A Country Western have ever been, with uptempo chugs in classic rock n’ roll fashion." - Post-Trash

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