A Country Western looks forward to 'Life on the Lawn' 7 March 2024

A Country Western are back with their first full length since 2021's Birdfeeder. The Philadelphia band's latest record, Life on the Lawn, showcases their evolution with a blend of louder guitars, playful feedback, and centered vocals, interwoven with sparser moments that have long captivated their audience. Their thematic exploration delves into pressing issues like environmental destruction, capitalism, navigating a hyper-digital society, self-realization, loss, and even the enigmatic world of birds.

Folks have already had nice things to say about their single "The Dreamer" which is streaming now!

"A Country Western’s new album Life On The Lawn drops at the end of this month. They recorded it in their South Philadelphia practice space last summer, and today they’re previewing it today with 'The Dreamer.' Power-pop is in the Bandcamp tags for a reason; this is the kind of punchy, poppy post-grunge track I’d expect to encounter on MTV in 1996, and I mean that as a compliment." - Stereogum

"There’s a significant mood shift on Life on the Lawn; A Country Western sound clean. As the shoegaze bubble continues to expand and mutate, the band embrace a more textbook indie rock style and The Dreamer is Life on the Lawn’s leading example. The first single is as rollicking as A Country Western have ever been, with uptempo chugs in classic rock n’ roll fashion." - Post-Trash

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Say hello to Aunt Katrina! 8 December 2023

Aunt Katrina began as the solo project of feeble little horse member Ryan Walchonski. The seven tracks blend noisy guitars, punchy synth lines, distorted samples and breakbeat inspired drums (performed by Ray Brown) that together create a unique style of electronic pop.

Sitting atop the tower of sounds are Ryan’s soft and drowning vocals. Gentle and melancholy, the vocals explore themes of listlessness and aging.

After finishing up a handful of dancy, fuzzy and chaotic pop songs, Ryan enlisted the help of friends Ray Brown (Snail Mail), Eric Zidar (Tosser), Emma Banks, Connor Peters and Laney Ackley to flesh out the songs in a live setting.

These songs are available digitally and on tape. If you are in DC, grab a copy at show... OR at Byrdland Record Store or Joint Custody! Stream / Purchase Hot today!!

Baked splits sides with The Zells on 'Queensburgh' Collab 2 November 2023

In the words of The Zells... "Queensburgh: a Baked & Zells Split is a labor of love between the two bands celebrating all that is Rock and Roll. We’ve always bonded over creating loud, exciting guitar rock that embodies the gritty ethos of our respective scenes. This split honors the connection between Queens and Pittsburgh, two places producing fun and engaging rock bands that work, and chill, hard. Welcome to Queensburgh."

Queensburgh is out today on digital and cassette formats. Cheers!

'Somewhere Down Below' declares a new era for Gaadge 4 August 2023

Since releasing Yeah?, songwriting duties have expanded beyond Mitch DeLong and to the rest of the band. Somewhere Down Below finds Gaadge leaning even further into their noisy and riffy tendencies. Lead rippers like the “Oh Wonder” and “Candy Colored” keep listeners on their toes early on. However, loud and fast is not the only recipe in this 14-track endeavor. The stripped down “Don’t Go There” features Ethan Oliva’s signature vocal performance found in other projects (Barlow, Ex Pilots, Sober Clones, etc.). You also have title track “Somewhere Down Below” which bubbles with synth work and gentle guitar before boiling over into a lovely nostalgia-inducing chorus. Not to mention, Nick Boston is back to doing what he does best; writing melodic songs like “STROK,” sending listeners on their merry way to the remainder of the record. Moments and contributions like these make it clear that Gaadge is entering a new chapter with their latest record.

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Pittsburgh rock legends Silver Car Crash break through on 'Shattered Shine' 15 June 2023

Maturing beyond the Murder Pit of Castle Transylewski (basement in South Oakland) the band hit Mr. Smalls Studio with Nate Campisi to bottle up their latest sounds. However, any polish on top did not diminish their jagged punk edge. Shared songwriting and vocals between Brandon, Justin, and Conner play to the cool and to the angry. Not to mention hardcore punk influences are certainly present with members splitting duties in other bands such as Speed Plans, Alamoans, God Plutonium, among others. Their straightforward approach is only enhanced through a dynamic guitar performance that rides confidently between deadpan vocals and shouting. The recipe calls for noise, distortion, and quick rock riffs... and that’s exactly what you’ll get.

Some say this is the album we never deserved, so appreciate it in all its glory today.

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Buddie LP2 'Agitator' Out Now!! 21 April 2023

Buddie has released LP2 Agitator today!! Central themes or the album revolve around healthy communication, trust, anxiety, living in the moment, sense of place, joy in resistance, growth, change, dystopia, classism, mutual aid, among other things. Al Menne of Great Grandpa provided harmonizing vocals on a handful of tracks including lead single “We’ll Never Break,” a heartwarming track about trust and reassurance in relationships. Other singles “Worried” and “Class Warfare” are rooted more in pandemic anxiety and modern classism as the world around us continues to change rapidly. Needless to say, Buddie is back doing Buddie things, and Agitator is packed full of earworm choruses, “loud-quiet-loud,” bubblegrunge, and 90s influenced indie rock. We hope you dig it.

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lys scott re-releases her debut record, squashed dreams & broken wings, with two bonus tracks and a first-time-ever physical release 24 October 2022

Fans of the label may recognize lys scott from her contributions on Sleep Movies' record Melt Transmission, however it must be known that Lys does, in fact, have the sauce.Lys has been a friend of the label for a hot minute now, so we decided to team up with her to shine a light on an album that was in our heads for the better part of 2021.

Lys' album squashed dreams & broken wings is out now on all platforms and on CD and UV-printed cassette tape.

The album also features two bonus tracks, "breathe in" and "turnaround" which were written and recorded after the orginal album sessions.Listen to squashed dreams & broken wings today on your favorite format!