A Country Western

Born out of reverence for their favorite bands and the need for an outlet to express personal influence, Philadelphia’s A Country Western finds themselves in the knotty crossroads of modern alternative subgenres.

Multi-instrumentalists Derek Hengemihle and Garrett Miades began making songs together in middle school, playing in other bands together until forming A Country Western in 2017. During the summer of 2021, hometown friend Erik Hilbert (Piper’s Bellflower) and Paris Parker (Solvent OS) joined for live performances, who soon became involved in writing and recording.

A Country Western re-released their self-titled album AND debut EP Phenom on vinyl and CD formats via Crafted Sounds in 2023. Together these two projects encapsulate the earliest era of the band: home recordings with digital transposition and sample chopping.

A Country Western's latest record, Life on the Lawn, showcases their evolution with a blend of louder guitars, playful feedback, and centered vocals, interwoven with sparser moments that have long captivated their audience. Their thematic exploration delves into pressing issues like environmental destruction, capitalism, navigating a hyper-digital society, self-realization, loss, and even the enigmatic world of birds.

Photo by John McSweeney.

A Country Western - Life on the Lawn
March 29, 2024
A Country Western (Self-Titled)
November 3, 2023