Gaadge (with two A’s) is a project created by Mitch DeLong in the summer of 2014. After recording and releasing a series of demos and playing a few shows with a changing line-up, the project lay dormant until DeLong relocated to Pittsburgh, PA in 2016. It was here that he reunited with drummer Andy Yadeski and guitarist Ethan Oliva (two members of lo-fi juggernauts “Barlow”) and met bassist Nick Boston.

With lineup slowly solidifying, Gaadge released a split tape with Barlow in 2018. Recorded entirely at the band’s practice space, the tape showcased sounds ranging from My Blood Valentine’s fuzzy wall-of-noise, to Pavement’s chiming guitar melodies. This release inspired DeLong to immediately begin writing a follow up, full-length album: Yeah? Recording for the album began in April of 2020 between the band’s practice space, as well as Oliva and DeLong’s house.

Yeah? was released in March 2021 via Crafted Sounds. The band has described it as the realization of Gaadge’s fever dream: a wild ride through varying genres of alternative music. With praise from various press outlets and the warm embrace of the Pittsburgh music scene, Gaadge was determined to keep going. Yeah? propelled the band right into a busy 2022, where they released a bonus cover on feeble little horse’s modern tourism tape and another split, this time with post-Barlow band Ex Pilots… all while writing and recording their next album.

Gaadge’s third full length record Somewhere Down Below is slated for release in Summer 2023. Since releasing Yeah?, songwriting duties have expanded beyond DeLong and to the rest of the band. Somewhere Down Below finds Gaadge leaning even further into their noisy and riffy tendencies. Lead rippers like the “Oh Wonder” and “Candy Colored” keep listeners on their toes early on. However, loud and fast is not the only recipe in this 14-track endeavor. The stripped down “Don’t Go There” features Oliva’s signature vocal performance found in other projects (Barlow, Ex Pilots, Sober Clones, etc.). You also have title track “Somewhere Down Below” which bubbles with synth work and gentle guitar before boiling over into a lovely nostalgia-inducing chorus. Not to mention, Nick Boston is back to doing what he does best; writing melodic songs like “STROK,” sending listeners on their merry way to the remainder of the record. Moments and contributions like these make it clear that Gaadge is entering a new chapter with their latest record.

Somewhere Down Below will be available on vinyl and cassette via Crafted Sounds and Michi Tapes on August 4.


Gaadge - Somewhere Down Below
August 4, 2023
LP / CD / Tape / Digital

Gaadge - Yeah?
March 19, 2021
CD / Tape / Digital


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