Music Videos

Buddie - "Take What's Left"

The Zells - "Hell Car"

BRNDA - "Service Loser"

Sleep Movies - "5G DAYDRM"

Merce Lemon - "Baby"

Sleep Movies - "Clouded"

Flower Crown - "High Fantasy"

BBGuns - "Valley"

The Zells - "Tracy"

The Lopez - "Like A Prayer"

Bat Zuppel - "Deja"

Barlow - "Tirebiter"

The Lopez - "Sell It"

Sleep Movies - "Darkness (ft. Lys Scott)"

Buddie - "Boiler"

BRNDA - "Year of the Hot Dog by Burger Gang"

The Zells - "Brunch"

Silver Car Crash - "Change"

Buddie - "Heartbeat"

Sleep Movies - "Apparition"

BBGuns - "One Piece"

Short Fictions - "Ellen (a Song About a Book)"

SPISH - "We Like Jesus"

Bat Zuppel - "Magic Mirror"

Barlow - You Have To See It"

Tour Footage

Suncursed: Flower Crown Spring Tour

Short Fictions Tour Documentary - October 2018"

Live Archive

Visit Crafted Sounds on YouTube for an archive of live music captured on camcorder from 2017-2020.