BRNDA is a four-piece from DC with a few rules: No covers, No love songs. Simple enough, right? Think again. After perusing through the late 70s, 80s, and 2010s for musical detritus, it was discovered that only the least ostentatious, most off-kilter sound is fit for BRNDA. And so, if you find yourself unable to put your finger on just what you’re hearing, it is because BRNDA is not just some rehashed comfort listening.

Since their genesis in 2012, BRNDA has released 2 albums (2014, 2015) and an EP (2018). The year is 2021, and we are happy to report that BRNDA is back. Sodium intake, however, is on the rise for the group. Snacking in the shadows of 2020, BRNDA finished LP3, Do You Like Salt? So what?

One could say that the stream of consciousness featured in Do You Like Salt? is arguably BRNDA’s richest yet. Topics of interest include salt, tennis, existentialism, poached avocado, your 45-year plan, tea, incorrect orders... all which are expressed through a carousel of honest vocal performance (singing, shouting, speaking, radio static) from all members of the band. Above all, BRNDA pulls off an unpredictable and incredibly entertaining sound that can shift between testy art punk, noisy no wave, and groovin’ indie rock at any given moment. Not to mention, there is also a tasteful dusting of saxophone on the record. What is there not to like about all of that in a 10-track, sub-thirty-minute package?

Do You Like Salt? was released in August 2021 via Crafted Sounds.

BRNDA - Do You Like Salt?
August 20, 2021