Silver Car Crash

Mysterious and elusive... Silver Car Crash makes some of the rawest contemporary rock music around, fitting right in line with today’s noisy, post-punk wave. Their heavily anticipated sophomore effort Shattered Shine will be their first release since their 2018 debut record Resource Body. Some may even say that it is a miracle that this record was even recorded. The Shattered Shine era finds the band in a different place in their lives. They are exiting their early twenties, evaluating pending doom, chasing dreams, and becoming more aware in ways they had not been before. The essence of a generation is echoed in the closing track where Justin exclaims, “Never thought I’d end up like this, Gotta find new ways to exist.”

Maturing beyond the Murder Pit of Castle Transylewski (basement in South Oakland) the band hit Mr. Smalls Studio with Nate Campisi to bottle up their latest sounds. However, any polish on top did not diminish their jagged punk edge. Shared songwriting and vocals between Brandon, Justin, and Conner play to the cool and to the angry. Not to mention hardcore punk influences are certainly present with members splitting duties in other bands such as Speed Plans, Alamoans, God Plutonium, among others. Their straightforward approach is only enhanced through a dynamic guitar performance that rides confidently between deadpan vocals and shouting. The recipe calls for noise, distortion, and quick rock riffs... and that’s exactly what you’ll get.

Shattered Shine will be released this summer via Crafted Sounds (vinyl) and Michi Tapes (cassette) on June 15. It will be celebrated in Pittsburgh, PA on June 16 at Bottlerocket Social Hall with special guests Rex Tycoon, Little Angels, and Sleeping Witch & Saturn. Dates outside of Pittsburgh will be announced following the release.


Silver Car Crash - Shattered Shine
June 15, 2023
LP / Tape / Digital

Bridges (Compilation)
April 13, 2019
Tape / Zine

Silver Car Crash - Resource Body
April 6, 2018
Tape / Digital


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