Buddie LP2 'Agitator' Out Now!! 21 April 2023

Buddie has released LP2 Agitator today!! Central themes or the album revolve around healthy communication, trust, anxiety, living in the moment, sense of place, joy in resistance, growth, change, dystopia, classism, mutual aid, among other things. Al Menne of Great Grandpa provided harmonizing vocals on a handful of tracks including lead single “We’ll Never Break,” a heartwarming track about trust and reassurance in relationships. Other singles “Worried” and “Class Warfare” are rooted more in pandemic anxiety and modern classism as the world around us continues to change rapidly. Needless to say, Buddie is back doing Buddie things, and Agitator is packed full of earworm choruses, “loud-quiet-loud,” bubblegrunge, and 90s influenced indie rock. We hope you dig it.

Stream / Purchase today!