Zin Hound

All paths lead through Pittsburgh, at least for Zin Hound, who draw heavy influence from their Appalachian home. Their debut, self-titled album was written by Caleb Gill (vocals, guitar, bass) during the pandemic, and recorded by his brother-in-law, Ryan Plumley (guitar, synthesizer, bass, percussion) in the smoky summer of 2023. For one week in a Pittsburgh basement, they came together with lifelong friends and family, Reid Magette (guitar, bass), Daniel Reed (drums, piano, bass), and Courtney Plumley (backup vocals) to meld some minds. The album meditates on collective disarming, animalistic behavior, and the slight bend of a flower withstanding the weight of a spangled bee. It was mastered by Bob Weston at Chicago Mastering Service. Take off your shoes and dig in your heels, their second album is cookin’ on the horizon.


Zin Hound (Self-titled)
July 12, 2024


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