Flower Crown

Pittsburgh haze pop ensemble Flower Crown began in 2015 as a collaborative effort between Richie Colosimo and Aaron Mook. Reverb-heavy and esoteric, the duo’s first EP Hypnausea (2016) was a sort-of lo-fi love letter to a genre that diverged heavily from the pair’s roots in post-rock, folk and hardcore styles. The follow-up album Glow (Flowerpot Records, 2017) was a more cohesive and focused reimagining of the initial EP’s washed-out and hypnotic tones. Trapped in the foothills of Appalachia, Flower Crown became an act of escapism that landed squarely between ironic and heartfelt. Flower Crown transitioned to a full-band effort in 2018, adding Mike Iverson, Chris Sexauer (Flex.Auer) and Jon Sampson to the roster. After the release of the band’s second LP, Sundries (Crafted Sounds, 2019) Zach Bronder (Bat Zuppel, Good Sport, The Gotobeds) filled in for Aaron Mook. Later the same year, the band released a single entitled “High Fantasy.”

Pulling away from 2020, Flower Crown is back another record. Their upcoming record Heat runs the gamut of emotions, featuring feelings of despondence, hope and even playful indifference — a reflection of the band members’ evolving relationships and changes in trajectory over the tumultuous last year and a half. Listeners will find lo-fi and surf-inspired pop hooks artfully interwoven with instrumental interludes, as well as the band’s first-ever waltz. Heat is slated for release Sept. 24, 2021 via Crafted Sounds.


Flower Crown - Heat
September 24, 2021
LP / CD / Tape / Digital

Flower Crown - Sundries
May 24, 2019
LP / CD / Tape / Digital

Bridges (Compilation)
April 13, 2019
Tape / Zine


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