Merce Lemon

Merce Lemon is a singer and songwriter from Pittsburgh, PA. Heavily influenced by her childhood in the diy music scene, her current band now includes her father Greg Pierce (guitar), Alec Ebeling (drums), Jim Lingo (bass), Noa Lipsky (vox), and the occasional guest appearance of Lipsky’s father, Eric Lipsky (cello).

Having played in bands from a very young age, including a punk band called Two Dragons Black and Red between the age of ten and twelve, Lemon took a long hiatus of performing. She found her voice again while living in Seattle on her nineteenth birthday. There she met Dylan Hanwright of Great Grandpa, who recorded and performed her last two releases, Ideal For a Light Flow With Your Body and Girls Who Jump In. Those releases and some additional recorded material will be made available on cassette tape format via Crafted Sounds in early 2020 under the title Ride Every Day.

Lemon crafts an intimate and starkly confessional sonic world of songs that grapple with large-scale ideas. The nature of identity, the body, memory, and relationships are all explored through the lens of fluidity; water is a recurring motif in Lemon’s songwriting, a fitting complement to lyrics and arrangements that draw you in like a gentle tide. She has shared the stage with favorites Kimya Dawson, Great Grandpa, Mothers, Emily Yacina, Horse Jumper of Love, Rachel Levy, Spencer Radcliffe, and Mega Bog.

Merce Lemon - Ride Every Day
March 14, 2020
Bridges (Compilation)
April 13, 2019