lys scott - squashed dreams & broken wings

Photo by Erica Caltury


Alyssa Scott (she/they) is a small-town girl with big dreams. As a first generation Thai American, Lys has projected many aspects of her persona over the years trying to fit in and stand out. From high school class clown, to introverted 20 something battling with anxiety and depression after coming out as a member of the LGBTQ community, Lys went on a winding journey of self-discovery. Destiny aligned her with her bandmates through a job working at a restaurant. Lys later lost that job in the chaos of 2020, but the uncertainty of isolation and all that it brought forced Lys to put pen to paper and begin writing. Those journal entries would later become the master works of her dynamic debut album, squashed dreams & broken wings, which is saturated with playful and nostalgia-inducing hip-hop gems.

Since releasing her first full length in June 2021 Lys has performed all over Pittsburgh with her band, Lys Scott Deluxe, whom she had met working in restaurants. Through live performances featuring tracks like in-your-face banger “big shot” and cozy crowd favorite “flowerchild,” it became very evident in the local circuit that Lys was bringing an energy to the city that had not been experienced before.

After taking time to remaster and repackage her album, Lys will be re-releasing squashed dreams & broken wings on her birthday, October 24, via Crafted Sounds. The reissue will feature two unreleased tracks “turnaround” and “breathe in.” squashed dreams & broken wings will also be available on CD and cassette for the first time ever!

Notable Mentions

"Queer rapper Lys Scott’s latest cut ‘big shot’ is oozing with sass and swag from the offset and we’re all over it." - HRMNY Presents

"lys scott’s ''big shot' finds her digging into a fat beat built off the contrast of the bass hits and the occasional vocal loops on the high end. The hook is strong, but scott’s rhymes in the verse stick out as she unwinds threads, taking you naturally and cleverly through a run of ideas..." - The Alternative