Queensburgh: a Baked & Zells Split

Left: Baked, Right: The Zells

About the Release

The partnership here sprouted from a distant admiration which The Zells capitalized on when booking New York City for the first time in April 2018. They shared a bill with Baked and hit it off immediately. When it came time for The Zells to release their first album Failure to Slide later that year, Baked and Bethlehem Steel happened to be coming through town, so it was a no brainer to have them on the show. Over the years, The Zells have continued to play with Baked in NYC, and Frank has looked to R.J. as a mentor in sound engineering. The Ant Farm sessions were particularly fruitful for The Zells/Baked bond, and Frank even wound up slinging merch for Titus Andronicus on multiple tours since R.J. plays in that band as well. With their latest recordings in hand, it's about time that the bands just kiss and release a split together.

In the words of The Zells... "Queensburgh: a Baked & Zells Split is a labor of love between the two bands celebrating all that is Rock and Roll. We’ve always bonded over creating loud, exciting guitar rock that embodies the gritty ethos of our respective scenes. This split honors the connection between Queens and Pittsburgh, two places producing fun and engaging rock bands that work, and chill, hard. Welcome to Queensburgh."


Side B:

1. Fish Tank
2. The Pits
3. Walkin' Into
4. The Desert Calls

Side Z:

5. What's Up
6. No End In Sight
7. Electric Upside
8. Blast