Merce Lemon's Moonth is Out Now 14 August 2020

It's Moonth Day! You may already be ahead of the game and streamed Moonth last week as we shared it early on Bandcamp Friday, but now you can listen and purchase everywhere! Also be sure to check out Darling Recordings, who were great partners on this release!

100% of all profit from this release will be donated to the Pittsburgh-based Black Unicorn Library and Archives Project. Black Unicorn centers the literary and artistic contributions of Black women, Black queer, trans people and gender nonconforming people, and honors the far reaching influence our courageous story telling has had on the lives of generations worldwide.

A deceptively simple-sounding record, Moonth will draw you in with its accessibility, but it’s Lemon’s fearless honesty that leaves the deepest impression. - Bandcamp Daily