Hello. Since 2016 Crafted Sounds has been an independent record label based in Pittsburgh, PA. It is an endeavor built on the foundation of a house and the values of the people that live within it. More importantly, it is continually improved by the relationships made possible through music and various scenes it occupies in Pittsburgh, on the East Coast, and around the world. Check out our releases, come to a show, buy a record, say hey... Have a nice day.

Submissions: Please do not send attachments with email. Private SoundCloud or Bandcamp links are preferred if you wish to have your music heard. I try to listen to everything that is sent, however, due to the high volume of demos received and this label being mainly a one-person operation, please note that I am not always able to respond to emails. You can music to craftedsoundslabel@gmail.com.

Info: Direct all other inquiries to Connor at craftedsoundslabel@gmail.com.

Gallery: Take a look at some moments captured at shows over the years.

Official Label Playlist: Listen on Bandcamp and Spotify.